The Importance & Basics Of Goal Setting

The Importance & Basics Of Goal Setting

Goals are very important in everyone’s life and, as such, goal setting is equally important to helping us achieve our hopes and dreams. The most important aspect of goal setting is to make sure that the plan is a realistic one. For example, it’s impossible to make it a goal to win the lottery. Why? Because gambling is a game of chance and your actions have no real impact on whether or not that particular goal is achieved. The best type of goal setting is that which is done with a certain degree of practicality.

A plan of action is the first important step toward goal setting. For instance, an individual who wishes to attend college and needs to save money can work out a budget to earn cash while attending school part time. By enrolling part time, the tuition will be less expensive and even though the degree completion process may take longer, the ultimate goal will be reached in time. This is a good example of positive goal setting.

When working out a goal setting plan, it is important to choose one that is realistic. A poor example would be saving enough to become a millionaire within a specified amount of time and no real way of coming up with the funds needed to save. There is nothing wrong with having big dreams and trying to reach impressive goals, but it is very important that they not be unattainable. If an individual were to participate in a goal setting exercise at an unrealistic level and that plan were to fail, depression would surely result. In order to avoid this negative emotional impact, practicality is the key to positive goal setting.

Once goals are set, it is important to stay focused. This means being careful with funds if the goal is one that involves finances. An example would be saving a down payment for a home and seeing a snazzy new sports car that catches the eye. An individual who stays focused on their goal of home ownership will feel much more rewarded than those who give in to the temptation of a quick purchase, which is likely to result in buyer’s remorse.

Goal setting is an important part of everyday life. Whether it’s a homework assignment that needs completion, a work project that has to be done by the end of the day or a financial goal that needs reaching, effective planning will help even the most challenging goal become closer to being reached.